All pictures are reviewed before being added to the Affair Pros site.

What pictures are not accepted?

Pictures are inappropriate for this site if they contain nudity, celebrates, jokes, URLs, or if the picture is not of a person.

What if I see a photo on this site that is inappropriate?

Click the link below the photo to report this violation. The photo will be re-reviewed by the staff. If you notice a photo that you know to be copyrighted or should not be on here for some other reason, please e-mail us at

What is my Photo URL?

Your photo URL is the location on the Internet where your picture is stored. If you need to upload your picture somewhere, here are a few places you can do so: Photopoint - Facelink

Can I take my picture off the site once it has been submitted?

Yes, once you log in, you can remove your picture at any time. Click on the "remove picture" link from the members menu.

How can I contact someone who's picture I see on this site?

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Any other questions?

E-mail us at:

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